1. New comix online! Click above for the goods.

  2. Artwork for Oakland’s YOUR ENEMY

  3. New comix in progress…

  4. T-shirt design for the dudes in Midnight Chaser, look for’em on tour during the first week of August!

  5. Poster for Spellcaster, Midnight Chaser, Hell Fire, and Hysteria at Eli’s Mile High Club at the end of the month

  6. New flyer for Anaura's CD Release with Scissors For Lefty and Rio Rio at Bottom of the Hill

  7. New Print!!! ed. of 20, 4.5” x 6.5” (11.5cm x 17cm), hand pulled, printed on leaves from a book of German poetry, dedication dated 1917. $10 postage included (to US)

  8. lapractica:

    No. 001

    By the homie La Practica!!! So tight.

  9. XHOSTAGEX straight out the Bay, playing DeadFest Oakland, 2014

  10. Space adventure